Hi I am Alex Toze, 34 year old husband and dad, living and always have in Exeter.

I don’t have a long history of photographic experience that I can inform/bore you with but I have more than made up for it over the last 8 years. I have always been creative, if you knew me before you may not have thought it but I knew I had something to give.

Since picking up my first camera with the functions to have some type of creative control, photography seems to have taken over my life. Don’t get me wrong I am a family man and I am dedicated to the most important thing in my life but chances are if you see me and I’m day dreaming, I’m almost definitely going to be thinking about some aspect of photography.

My aim is to provide memorable pictures, to be challenged and take your ideas, as well as mine beyond what was originally imagined. Each job brings unique opportunities which never fail to give me that excited feeling I have had since I started doing this.

If you are here because you are looking for a photographer please get in contact, I would love to hear what you require and any ideas you may have. If you are not sure what you want then again, get in contact and let me inspire you.

I am also a Devon Wedding Photographer, check out my Wedding Page.

Thanks again for visiting my site.